Bridge the Gap

Paid parking space Mitchell Time and Parking serves Austin, TX and the surrounding areas with on-street metered parking. Our team helps you bridge the gap between on and off-street parking solutions with our dynamic space meters. We offer Parkeon products, which allow you to manage your on-street parking meters, gain information on user behavior and consolidate receipts in your Parkfolio. They also boast a full-color display for easy customer interaction.

Parkeon Pay by Plate

The Parkeon Pay by Plate is an easy-to-use license plate entry system and supports all payment methods.

Parkeon Strada BNA PAL

Parkeon Strada BNA PAL can withstand inclement weather and has a 7’ color screen for easy use.

Parkeon Strada Rapide

Our Parkeon Strada Rapide has a customizable height, a color screen and accepts cash, credit and reloadable and disposable smart cards.

On-Street Equipment Brochures

Use the links below to download brochures about on-street parking equipment.

Maximize Profitability

At Mitchell Time and Parking, we strive to maximize your productivity and profitability with our digital time clocks. Learn more about our