Improving Your Parking Lot Flow

External link opens in new tab or windowBright empty parking lot Mitchell Time and Parking in Austin, TX has been improving parking lot flows and security since 1945. Our dynamic parking equipment can be scaled to suit your lots’ specific needs.

Automatic Parking Cashier

We offer auto cashier options to increase your revenues and reduce labor costs, facilitated by Hamilton.

Automated Valet

The Amano McGann iParcProfessional Valet cashiering terminal provides automated cashiering, fee calculation and fast ticket processing.

Credit Card Pay-on-Foot Stations

Our AGP-7800 and OPUS-4800 Series Credit Card Pay-on-Foot Stations bring incredible benefits to the operators of parking lots and garages. They are placed strategically throughout your facility and offer intuitive user guidance.

POS Terminals

Our OPUS-5000 Series POS Terminal performs automatic parking fee calculations and gives you complete online parking revenue control.

Central Pay-on-Foot Stations

We offer the OPUS-7800 Series Central Pay-on-Foot Station. It was designed for flexibility and ease of use in any facility. It’s the perfect solution for 24/7 unattended operations.

Entry Terminals

The OPUS-2000 Series Entry Terminal expedites entry to your parking facility with its dynamic color display and easy payment options.

Pay-in-Lane Exit Stations

The OPUS-7700 Series Pay-in-Lane Exit Station processes 2D data matrix barcode tickets, and it easy to use for customers in your unattended parking lot.

Exit Gates

Our AGP-1700 Series and OPUS-4000 Series Exit Terminals are designed for use in most parking applications and expedites exits from your parking facility.

Fee Computers

The AGP-5200 and AGP-5600 can be conveniently placed within an operator kiosk and it is designed to perform automatic parking fee operations.

Parking Signage

We can install clear and concise signs so you can reduce traffic confusion and improve the parking lot flow.

Remote Fee Indicators

Our remote fee indicator, the AGP-5900 Series, displays the fees charged, the change due and current time.

Security Gates

Our AGP-1700 Series exit gate is designed for use in most parking applications and it accommodates four modes of operation.

Ticket Dispensers

The ETP-Series offers extensive programming capabilities for normal issuing mode including valet parking applications (multiple-ticket) and a custom greeting.